District Profile :: Approach Way
A/O Accoutn Officer
A/V aids Audio Visual Aids
ADEI Assistant District Education Inspector
ALS Alternetive Learning School
AMA Ahmendabad Management Association
AO Administrative Officer
ATR Average Teacher Ratio
AWP&B Annual Work Plan & Budget
BAS Base line Assessment Survey
BRC Co. Block Resource Centre Co-ordinator
BRG Block Resource Group
C.P.Ed. Certificate of Physical Education
CCRT Centre of Cultural Resource and Training
CEE Centre for Environment Education
CL  Casual Leave
CLA City Compint Local Allowance
CMDE Curriculum Material Development & Education
CR Confidential Report
CRC Cluster Resource Centre
CS Chief Secretary
CTE College for Teacher Education
D.P.Ed. Diploma in Physical Education
DC Bill Detail Contingency Bill
DD Deaf & Dump
DDO District Development Officer
DIET District Institute of Education and Training
DISE District Information System of Education
DPC Direct Promotion Committee
DPEO District Primary Education Officer
DR Deputy Registrars
DRU District Resource Unit
DS Deputy Secretary
DVD Digital Video Disk
EB Efficiency Bare.
EC Educative Committee
Ed.CIL Educational Consultant India Ltd.
EDN Education 
EDU Set. Educational Satellite
Edu. Education
EE Elementary Education
EFA Education For All
ELT English Language Teaching
ELT Earn Leave
Encl. Enclosure
EQ Education Qnotation
ET Educational Technology
FC Fair Copy
FD Finance Department
GAD General Administative Department
GAP Gujarat Achievement Profile or at Primary
GAT General Admission Test
GB Governing Body
GBTC Graduate Basic Training College
GCERT Gujarat Council of Education Research & Training
GIET Gujarat Institute of Educational Technology
GOG Government of Gujarat
GOI Government of India
GPF General Provident Fund
HI Hearing Impered
HPl Half Pay Leave
HRA House Rent Allowace
IAS Indian Administrative Service
IASE Institute of Advance Study in Education
IEDC Intregeted Education for Disable Chileren
IFIC Inservice Field Interaction Innovative & Co-ordination
IGNOU Indira Gandhi National Open University
IIM Indian Institute of Management
IPS Indian Police Service
IQ Intelligence Qnotion
ISRO Indian Space Research Organization
KG Kindrer Garten
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LWP Leave Without Pay
M.Phil Master of Philosophy
MAS Midterm Assessment Survey
MHRD Ministry of Human Resource Development
MLA Member of Legesterfine Assembly
MR Mentally Retarted
MTA Mother Teacher Association
NB Note-a-Bene
NCC National Cadet Corp.
NCERT National Council of Research and Training
NCF National Curriculum Frame Work
NCTE National Council of Teacher Education
NET Natonal Elegibility Test
NFE Non Formal Education
NGO Non Government Organization
NIEPA National Institute of Education, Planning and Administration
NPE National Policy of Education
NPEGEL National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level
NSS Natonal Service Scheme
OBB Operation Black Board
OC Office Copy
OH Orthopedic Handicaped
OHP Over Head Projector
OS Office Superintendent
P&M Planning & Management
PA Personal Assistant
PA  Personal Assistant
PAC Programme Advisory Comitee
PE Population Education
PE  Population Education
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
PM Prime Minister
POA Programme of Action
PTC Primary Teacher Certification
PTE Parent Teacher Association
PTO Please Turn Over
RA Research Associate
Ref. Regfernce
RGT Ramba Graduate Teacher college
RIE Regional Institute of Education
SB Service Book
SCERT State Council of Educational Research & Training
SLET State Level Elegibility Test
SO Section Officer
SPIPA Sardar Patel Institute of Planning and Administration
SRAC State Research Advisory Committee
SRG State Resource Group
SS Social Study
STTI Secondary Teacher Training Institute
SVS Sala Vikas Sankul
TAS Terms Assessment Surveys
TDO Talua Development Officer
TLE Teaching Learning Equipment
TLM Teaching Learning Material
TQM Total Quality Management
UEE Universalizaton of Elementary Education
UN United Nations
UNICEF United Nation Internationl Children Emergency Fund
US Under Secretary
UT Union Territories
VCD Video Compact Disk
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
VCWC Village Construction Work Committee
VEC Village Education Committee
WE Work Experience
WHO World Health Organization
WRC Western Regional Committee
WWW World Wide Web